Under the Hood

Under The Hood

For the more technically minded folks out there, here’s a little more detail on the services we offer.

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Marketing automation by Marketo.

According to Gartner, Marketo is one of the world’s leading marketing automation software tools.

That’s because it puts so much power into the hands of marketers. Marketo is currently taking NZ by storm too, allowing our smaller marketing teams to manage big complex direct communications programs that run all year round with little or no intervention. So if you’re keen on Marketo, but wondering how you’ll implement it, look no further.

SpeakData is an official Marketo services and implementation partner. Which means we’ll help you organise and integrate your data with Marketo, work out an effective comms plan with you, and take care of tricky stuff like automation logic, lead scoring, dynamic content, segmentations, custom objects, web tracking, reporting and much more. That way you can concentrate on getting your brand content and messages right and watch the results flow in.


Business Intelligence.

SpeakData offers a full range of reporting, analytics, modelling and data mining services.

Our insights team loves working with the nicely organised client data sets that we've aggregated in our data hub and made available to our business intelligence tools. Whether it’s segmentations, predictive models or investigative explorations, we’ll soon discover the behavioural patterns in your data and figure out how to take advantage of them. Speaking of insights, we’re pretty sharp with Tableau dashboard reporting software. This means you can access visualisations of those patterns via handy interactive dashboards that update every day and arrive in your inbox like clockwork. Data-driven marketing success requires a quick feedback loop to monitor results.

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Smart Algorithms.

A key part of delivering communications that resonate is matching the right message or content with the right audience member.

That’s where smart content recommendation algorithms come in. By tracking the digital behaviour of customers or prospects, we can pick the best articles, events, products, offers or nurture programs to broaden and deepen interest and engagement with your brand. Like our On My Radar program for Consumer, which has helped them achieve record subscriber retention levels. Or our Inferred Sport program for the World Masters Games 2017, which determined which of their 28 sports prospects are most interested in hearing about and delivered thousands of extra paid athlete registrations.

Soon we’ll be matching international students to the NZ education provider that suits them best for Education NZ. Smart automated algorithms work their socks off, and you can get them right here at SpeakData.


Datanian - Our data hub in the cloud.

Most of our clients come to us with messy data from multiple disconnected data sources, which is preventing them from moving forward with data driven comms.

In these cases, our engineering team will integrate and manage all your different data sources and data services via our central data integration hub we call Datanian™. This is a proprietary MySQL-based multi-tenancy platform we’ve developed to collect, process and transform all the data we need to deliver data-driven marketing and business intelligence services for our clients.

Datanian is hosted in the AWS (Amazon) data centre in Sydney. Why? Because the benefits are obvious. Security, scalability, flexibility, value for money and a stunning array of tools to customise the data management services for each client.

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Integration Expertise.

At SpeakData, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect to virtually any available data source.

In fact, we consider it to be our competitive advantage. We’re happy to exchange data via APIs we provide, access external APIs, do batch processing via SFTP, S3 or Azure, even work with hard drives and emailed reports if we have to. We have literally dozens of examples of complicated integrations we’ve delivered for clients over recent years including genuine enterprise-level solutions (like Mule and Enterprise Service Bus) for large corporates like The AA and Green Cross Healthcare.

See our Case Study section for more.


Engineering & Data Security.

Finally if you’re considering trusting an external partner with your precious data, you need be confident it will be looked after properly.

SpeakData offers an expert engineering team with decades of experience in secure cloud data management. We’re trusted to manage data, extract insights and deliver services for NZ government agencies like The Ministry of Education and Education NZ, large corporates like Green Cross Health and the AA and not-for-profits like Consumer and NZ Cricket.

We’re trusted because we’re serious about data security and privacy. We carry the Data Warranted Trustmark which certifies that we treat personal information with respect and absolute privacy, in accordance with best practice standards and New Zealand law. We’ve passed multiple independent security audits and never had a data breach. For you, that means you can be confident that we’ll put sound technical infrastructures in place that stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny.