Working With Us

Working with us

We complete your agency picture by providing the data intelligence, marketing automation or technical services you need

What we do 

There’s nothing more powerful than a piece of communication that perfectly strikes a chord with its intended recipient.

We use data to enable conversations and experiences that resonate with your audiences – usually to influence individuals towards a specific behaviour, opinion, product or idea. How? We bring together all your data sources into a central data hub. Then we connect to all the great content and messaging created by your agencies (or in-house). Finally, we apply data intelligence, software and algorithms to ensure the right content gets to the right person at the right time via the right channel.

Who we work with 

We love working with medium to large organisations that have decent sources of data, but haven’t yet converted this to full business potential.

Our ideal client is ready, resourced and brave enough to do something about it. So what if you’ve got no database, you’re starting from scratch or close to it? Don’t be afraid to get in touch. Some of our best results have started out that way. In fact, a clean sheet of paper can be an ideal way to start the journey to data-driven success!

New Zealand Cricket have worked with SpeakData for 3 years and during this time have witnessed a complete transformation in the ticket buying behaviour of our fans. From knowing nothing about our customers and relying on walk up sales, we last year saw our pre-sales cross the 90% mark and now have more data and insight than ever before.

- NZ Cricket

speak nav

Speak Data with us first

Whatever your starting point, our experience and creativity will play a hand in your strategic approach.

SpeakData’s founders have won a stack of awards for data strategy, so you can be sure we know our stuff. We listen. We understand. We suggest solutions. We explain how it will work, without the jargon. So whether it’s CRM planning, campaign planning, workflow design or technical consulting, SpeakData will help you map the path to success.

We play nicely with others 

Don’t want to upset your current supplier? It’s OK.

Pretty much all our clients need us to partner with their marketing agencies and/or technical partners. And it works, because usually we’re not competing – we’re completing! SpeakData doesn’t clash with marketing agency services like creative, design, content, UX, media, etc. We merely provide the data intelligence, marketing automation or technical services they don’t.

We made the decision to partner with SpeakData because they were crystal clear about what they did, and crucially, what they didn’t do. This meant there is clear delineation between the roles of our various agency partners, allowing them to focus on their areas of excellence in a collaborative environment, and for us to get the most out of our agency group of which SpeakData is a corner stone partner.

- Education NZ

tech agnostic

We’re technology agnostic

The world is awash with fantastic new cloud software for marketing and communications. 

But when no single platform provides all the answers, we’ll step up to your database marketing challenges. SpeakData is technology agnostic. That means we can connect and manage whatever data sources and software tools works best for you. Sure, we have our fave software tools, like Marketo, Tableau and AWS. But if the need arises, our data hub architecture lets us plug and unplug any tool or process. This way, you’re not locked into any particular technology that may become dated, or redundant.

Retainers + Projects = No Surprises

How do we charge for our services? We like to keep it simple with clients paying a monthly retainer for ongoing services and project fees for setting up new stuff. 

Retainer Includes:

Leadership: talking, planning, organising, problem solving.

Account Management: taking care of business day to day.

Infrastructure: managing the systems we’ve set up so far.

Support: on Marketo, Tableau or other ongoing services.

With the retainer in place, we’re then ready to start on projects to create new services, processes, campaigns or insights.

Projects Include:

Scoping: figuring out exactly what we’re building, by when, and for how much

Plumbing: getting data to flow between systems and processes

Comms: creating the next type of campaign or conversation with your audience

Insights: extracting the next level of intelligence from the data we process

Experiences: creating new data-driven services that add value and really make your communications resonate